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You want to find out more about how we build our custom-made speakers? Discover that Weyand speakers are a world away from conventional speakers regarding:

How we build the casing

We build your speakers with special reinforcements on the inside of the casing so that any unwanted interferences caused by vibrations are minimized. We also custom-build your insulation to achieve the best possible sound experience.

The Materials we use

We stay away from the plywood and particle board so many manufacturers use. Incorporating those materials is cheap, but using real wood will do wonders for a speaker’s sound. Test have proven this over and over. If your manufacturer uses any of the subpar materials, they might save money, but they are doing nothing to enhance the quality of your listening pleasure.

We can hear the difference right away and so will you!

Sound pattern of our broadband/full-range speakers

You might be thinking: “I won’t hear the difference.” Well, not so fast. Your ears can hear more than you think. Customers using our speakers are sorting their music collections by quality. Badly encoded MP3-songs will stand out and likely be kicked off your playlist.

Using subpar speakers you might not know that you are listening to a low-quality recording. With our speakers it’s “shit in – shit out”. Our speakers will show no mercy on low-quality recordings. They reproduce recordings the way they really are. You will see why some MP3s sound terrible and a quality Audio-CD or vinyl record is worth your while.

Our speakers will reward you with a realistic sound pattern and a depth of sound and scenes. It’s simply not possible to achieve those qualities with run-of-the-mill multiple driver speakers. Closing your eyes and believing your favorite bands are performing right in front of you is possible! You can even locate where the bassist and drummers are standing in relation to you and each other. We are still impressed how accurate this “staging” effect is, especially with music performed by an orchestra. You should be suitably impressed by having your favorite pieces of music played back at you the way they were intended to.

Get up close and personal at one of our “sound meets”.

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