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The compact speaker for your home

Edith is an advanced level stereo speaker, which will deliver the right sound experience to any living room. Yet, Edith’s specs of 350 mm x 230 mm x 290 mm (13, 7 inches x 9 inches x 11,4 inches) make it compact enough to fit most homes. To get the best out of this speaker, add a custom stand so it combines with your home’s surfaces to the optimum height of 900 mm (35,4 inches) above floor level. You can also place Edith directly on any surfaces in your home.

This broadband speaker’s special feature is its puristic looking membrane. Its highly polished aluminum phase plug, in any case an eye-catcher.

The sound dissolves absolutely freely and smoothly from the loudspeaker, this is due to the central cone of the membrane, on the one hand, and the specially shaped phase plug on the other, which prevents reflection of the radiated sound at the pole core. Edith conjures up a lifelike stage at your favorite listening spot – so you can sit back and relax to your favorite music.


One speaker chassis plays one tone in one time on one place! The acoustic source is perfect on point!


Our handmade speaker enclosures are made of very hard wood by our mastercarpenter. With addional reinforcements of the structure inside, nothing to be desired as regards of the quality.


You can decide the design of your new loudspeakers. Each pair is individual and customized.

Technical specifications
Attribute in detail
Dimensions (H x W x D) 350 x 230 x 290 [mm]
Weight of one loudspeaker 6.6 kg
Chassis Diameter 180 mm
Color enclosure: variable
speaker chassis: black
Frequency Range 54 - 20.000 Hz
Voice Coil 25.4 mm
Membrane Mass 11.7 g moving mass
Characteristics Kevlar-Paper
Rated Power 60 W at 8 ohm
Discover our huge range of different color versions. And adjust your new pair of highend speakers to your individual home: you can order all of our products in bright wooden color up to very dark shaed. Ask us, we can advice you to your pfeferred look.
Customer Opinion

Mathias Bahrs

"I am convinced by the dynamic and high resolution of the loudspeakers every day"

You need some accessories?
Speaker stands

Price: price on request

For your new loudspeakers we can offer some perfect fitting handmade speakerstands made from black wooden panel. It gurantees a safe stand and an optimal listening height about 900mm from the floor.


Price: € 15 for 5m

Addional to your new pair of loudspeakers we offer you an 100% OFC coppercable in a simple white color, which has a cross-section of 1.5 mm².

Connection plugs

Price: € 12,95 for 4 connection plugs

Fitting to our speaker terminals you can order some connection plugs. These plugs guarantee a safe contact between your amplifier and our loudspeakers.





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